More and more schools are developing guidelines for an inclusive Sinterklaas celebration, but there are still many schools that struggle with how to shape the celebration. Also, many parents find it hard to discuss the topic, and many teachers are not sufficiently trained. In order to help schools with this, we have developed a teaching tool that helps in discussing this important topic. This ensures a discourse in the school that can once more make Sinterklaas a great celebration for everyone, both big and little!

All year round, schools can ask us to visit, and by using the teaching tool we can help them to introduce the topic among the teaching staff and in the wider school community. The following topics are discussed during such a visit:

– The history of Saint Nicolas and the Sinterklaas celebration;

– Information on how Black Pete came to be and the issues with the character;

– Tools to help participants in the discussion make a constructive contribution to the future of the celebration.

Would you like to start the conversation on this topic at your school? Please visit www.feestvoorallekinderen.nl and contact us!