May 3rd, Day of Empathy

Respect and mutual understanding
Together with various partners, Stichting Nederland Wordt Beter has been organising the Day of Empathy since 2012, to unite people and to learn about each other’s history and present, in order to create more mutual respect and understanding. We will keep organising the Day of Empathy as long as our goal to bring about an empathetic society has not yet been realised.

During a varied program of speeches, music, and poetry, (well-known) Dutch people share their stories with the public. By telling personal stories, the speakers and artists, in their own individual fashion, give insight into their drive, background, and culture, and the way in which these factors shape their current view on contemporary society. The audience are invited to join in the conversation about what empathy can mean for society, and which stories they think should be heard.

During the previous editions we had performances by, among others, Jörgen Raymann, Ido Abrams, Gerson Main, Diana Matroos, Mounir Samuel, Robert Vuijsje, Jetty Mathurin, Akwasi, Andrew Makkinga, MC Fit, Jerry Kno’Ledge Afriyie, Ernestine Comvalius, and Janne Schra.

Guest lessons
Prior to the Day of Empathy, in April, we give guest lessons about empathy at schools in Amsterdam. During these guest lessons we discuss empathy in the broadest sense of the word with the pupils. What does empathy actually mean, and to what extent do the pupils consider themselves to be empathetic? What kind of role does knowledge about each other’s backgrounds play in their personal interaction with one another? And how can they contribute to a more empathetic society? As part of the lesson, the pupils make artwork that is presented on May 3rd, during the Day of Empathy.

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