Wit Aan Zet (White Privilege Against Racism) 

Many white people are not aware of the privileges that they enjoy due to the colour of their skin. In what way does ‘being white’ colour the way they think? While searching for answers, Sunny Bergman dissected the morals of white people in her documentary ‘Wit is ook een kleur’ (‘White is also a colour’). In response to her documentary, many white people contacted Sunny with the question: “What can I do?” Following on from this, she developed the platform ‘Wit Aan Zet’ (‘White Privilege Against Racisme’) together with Jerry Afriyie.

The aim of this platform is to collect practical aids that can break through the inequality that results from Normalized white superiority/supremacy. With ‘Wit Aan Zet’ we are searching for solutions to the dominant inequality, which is apparent in, for example, racist ‘jokes’ in daily interactions, exclusion in the workplace, discrimination in the educational system, and the teaching of a superiority mindset when raising children. You can find more information about the projects and the way in which you can join HERE.

 ‘White Privilege Against Racism’ is an initiative by Sunny Bergman and Jerry Afriyie. It has been made possible by Pakhuis de Zwijger and Stichting Nederland Wordt Beter.