Amsterdam has 169 nationalities and many different religions and beliefs. This increasing diversity is mirrored in the make-up of classes at mixed schools. In elementary school, children meet peers from different cultural backgrounds than their own. It is here that the foundations for society are created: where do the differences come from? And how do you deal with them in a respectful manner?

For the very first time, in fall 2019, Stichting Nederland Wordt Beter is organising ‘Workshops for Inclusive Education,’ together with the Amsterdam Public Library (OBA) and other partners. At a conference with diverse workshops, teachers and parents will be offered tools to deal with diversity in the classroom with awareness. The following subjects will be tackled: media literacy, diversity in children’s books, and an inclusive Sinterklaas celebration. The workshops connect to the everyday challenges of elementary education in a practical way. After the conference, schools will be able to ask for workshops or guest lessons.