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Nederland Wordt Beter is sending a video message to everyone that supports the Sinterklaas celebration. With this video we once again want to make clear that we support the celebration, but that we advocate a change that will make it a celebration for everyone, not just for the majority. In the video you will hear Jerry Afriyie.

On Wednesday the 29th of February 2012, a meeting took place in the CEC building in Amsterdam Southeast entitled: ‘Southeast is Looking Towards the Future: Without Black Pete.’ Those attending discussed the possibilities of adapting the Sinterklaas celebration by removing the racist element of Black Pete, and creating solidarity among all residents. 

While Black Pete’s appearance still reflects the Dutch past of slavery and colonialism, and as long as that is tolerated, Black Pete remains a racist character and criticism towards it will remain as well. In this context, Nederland Wordt Beter presents Arie Boomsma, Fresku, Kleine Viezerik and many others in ‘Zwarte Piet is Racisme’ (Black Pete is Racism). 

Especially for the Sint, Jerry Afriyie recited his poem ‘5 December’ on video for Nederland Wordt Beter. The video and the poem illustrate the darker side of our national celebration. Due to the racist elements in the character of Black Pete, a group of Dutch people is excluded, and more and more (white) Dutch people are ashamed of Black Pete.